Newberry Salon

Newberry Salon

Newberry School of Beauty offers a wide range of services performed by students at low prices from facials to haircuts. Newberry uses Dermalogica® products and other top salon products. Plus, FREE birthday haircut for new clients & discounts for seniors. See below for all services and pricing.

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Newberry Salon

Now Offering Straight Razor Shaves

All Prices Subject To Change Without Notice. Prices Listed Below Are Starting Prices. Additional Charges For Long, Thick Or Textured Hair.

Hair Styling Services

All Services with * Include Shampoo
*Shampoo Only $3.00
*Set or Wrap $8.00
*Blow Dry $10.00
*Haircut, Blow-Dry or Set (Short Hair) $13.50
Blow-Dry or Wrap and Curling Iron or Flat Iron $16.00
Flat Iron Only $10.00
Curling Iron Only $10.00
*Haircut (Short Hair) $6.50
Removal of Corn Rows $20.00
Neck or Bang Trim $3.00
Corn Rows (Blow Dry or Styling Extra) $25.00
French Braid (Per Braid, Styling Extra) $5.00
*Blow Dry, Press & Curl or Flat Iron $30.00
Up Do (Special Occasion Style) $25.00
Kids/Youth (2-10 years) Up Do or Style $12.00


Includes Blow Dry or Wet Set
All Services with * Include Deep Conditioner
Cold Wave- Permanate Wave $27.50
Spiral Perm $49.50
Individual Perm Rod $3.25
* Chemical Relaxer $31.00
* Chemical Relaxer Touch Up $20.50
Soft Perm – Ethnic Hair $32.00

Tints & Bleaches

All Services with * Include Deep Conditioner
* Virgin Bleach with Toner $32.00
* Bleach Touch-Up with Toner $24.00
Tint Back to Natural (Corrective) $45.00
Full Tint, Schwartzkopf $35.00
Tint Touch-Up, Schwartzkopf $22.00
Full Tint, Clairol $29.00
Tint Touch-Up, Clairol $18.00
* Ombre $41.00
Filler Treatment $12.00
* Cap Frost $31.00
* Full Weave-Foil $52.00
* Weave, Partial $32.00
Each Additional Color $10.00
Weaving, per foil (Does not include hairstyling) $3.00
Toner (Does not include hairstyling) $10.00

Hair & Scalp

Does Not Include Hairstyling, Price Per Packet
Cholesterol Treatment $10.00
High Pro Pak $7.00
Penetrate $10.00

Barbering Services

Mens Hair Cut $6.50
Straight Razor Shave $6.50
Straight Razor Shave and Hair Cut $11.00
Beard or Mustache Trim $4.00


Gel Nails $18.00
Plain Manicure $6.00
Polish Change $3.00
Manicure & Acrylic Removal $10.50
French Polish (Add’l Charge) $2.00
Kids Youth (2-10 years) Manicure $3.00

Facial Services

Back Facial $27.00
Back Facial W. Extractions $30.50
Dermalogical Facial $28.00
Dermalogical Facial W. Glycolic Peel $33.00
Dermalogical Facial W. Peel (series of 6) $165.00
Newberry Facial $25.00
Newberry Facial W. Glycolic Peel $29.50
15 Minute Relaxation Massage $15.00
30 Minute Relaxation Massage $28.00


Chin Tweezing $7.50
Eyebrow Tweezing $8.00
Make-Up Application $18.00
Make-Up W/ Semi-Permanent Lash $24.00
Make-Up W/ Strip Lash $22.00
Newberry Facial W/ Make-Up Application $33.50
Semi-Permanent Lash $15.50
Strip Lash $10.50

Waxing Services

Bikini Waxing $15.50
Eyebrow Waxing $7.50
Forearm Waxing $17.00
Full Arm Waxing $25.00
Full Back Waxing $35.00
Full Leg & Bikini Waxing $41.00
Full Leg & Waxing $35.50
Leg Waxing, Knee Down $18.00
Lip & Chin Waxing $13.00
Lip or Chin Waxing $7.00
Lower Back Waxing $18.00
Neck Waxing $10.00
Underarm Waxing $14.00
Face Wax (excludes brow area) $20.00
Chest Wax $18.00

Newberry School of Beauty is fully aware of the growing local, state, and national concerns related to the potential spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. The safety of our students and instructors is our highest priority. As a result, we have made the decision to close the school until further notice from the Governor.

NSB continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation through information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and is following the advice of these public agencies and taking all precautions for personal care.

Please stay tuned to our website for further updates.

Be safe, take care of yourselves and your families, and know that we are here to help.